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Viktor Drops the first single from his upcoming EP "V for Vendetta. This is called "Friday The 13th" (Prod By 2Deep). Links: Official Website Twitter Facebook Soundcloud
Get a great feeling from this very funny and colorful love story filled with 80s golden era pop nostalgia. Be sure to click the links below and show some love! Links: Twitter.com/femi_onas Instagram.com/femionas Facebook.com/Femi-Onas-136852173192475/
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Check out the new album "Wild" by TCON.  Follow the links below and show support!   Links: Tconmusic.bandcamp.com (FREE Download) Facebook.com/tconmusic Twitter.com/12_Connelly Intagram.com/TConnelly21  Soundcloud.com/tconmusic-1
SASO teams up with Pledge Music to bring to you his self produced record called "The Levee", which is finally ready!  Please contribute by pledging and pre-ordering the album! Links: Jsaso.com Facebook.com/SASOmusic Twitter.com/j_saso_ Instagram.com/jaimesaso PledgeMusic.com/SASO
Check out the sounds of Graham Swizzy, this is definitely some wavy type shit!       Links: Soundcloud
This is SUPADAMN's new video called "Boom", coming to you all the way from Fullerton, California. Ya'll be sure to subscribe and follow using the links below. Links: Facebook.com/SupadamnAlbum Twitter.com/TheRealSupaDamn Instagram.com/supadamn Supadamnalbum.tumblr.com
Check out some heat from Yung Tone, called "Fake Love" featuring Money and shot by Don Tarantino.  Show some support, click on the links below! Links: Twitter.com/Tone_BRB Facebook.com/ToneColdSteveAustin Instagram.com/ToneColdSteveAustin Soundcloud.com/ToneBRB
 Check out the latest video from Calvin Casha for his joint "Pray". Be sure to get it on iTunes and click on the links below! Links: Twitter.com/CalvinCasha Instagram.com/CalvinCasha Soundcloud.com/CalvinCasha100 Facebook.com/CalvinCasha
Endless Perceptions is a comfortable place where your work can be displayed to a much wider audience. Check out the links below. Links: Official Website Twitter
FL Studio 12 is a Digital Audio Workstation (aka DAW for short) used primarily on the PC (Windows OS) for making music. It is considered one of the easiest DAWs to learn how to use and there are plenty of YouTube videos out there that can help anyone learn it all. If you are into making beats, then FL Studio is...
D-Edge stopped by Gangstaville/Str8 Slammin' Radio for a studio performance of his song "Blue Lobsters".  D-Edge's "The Trueprint" is available via Apple Music, Tidal, Amazon and iTunes Now! Links: Official Website Twitter.com/d_edge_xl Instagram.com/d_edge_xl
Check out "Frontline" by Adam Day, a brand new song straight from his "365 EP", which has been made available as a free download here; http://bit.ly/22YPo7s Links: facebook.com/adamtdaymusic twitter.com/adamtdaymusic instagram.com/adamtdaymusic soundcloud.com/adamtday
Forward this video to someone who needs a little uplift! For life hacks, life lessons and words of wisdom, visit bitesizedessentials.com  (Music courtesy of Bensound.com)
Steady Tek-Nick brings you his latest joint called "Thru The Flying Door", which is part of his upcoming "Gawd On Fleek" EP.  Be sure to follow and subscribe, check out the links below. Links: http://www.steadyteknick.org/ http://www.facebook.com/steadyteknick http://www.twitter.com/steadyteknick http://www.instagram.com/steadyteknick http://www.soundcloud.com/steadyteknick http://play.spotify.com/artist/1DWgC7TVs4MTmsOS8RYgIW Snapchat: steadytek-nick
Viktor Rasiia is back at it again with a brand new music video for his joint "36 Chamberz" featuring Gov Mag and produced by NALM music.  Be sure to follow using the links below: Links: Viktor Rasiia: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Vis4Viktor Twitter: https://twitter.com/Vis4Viktor Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/viktor-rasiia Gov Mag: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LyricalKing Twitter: https://twitter.com/Gov_Mag Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/govmag Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/govmag NALM Music Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/themarko206 Twitter: https://twitter.com/nalmmusic
Fransisca London is an alternative pop rock recording artist from London, England. She brings you her latest hit "Worst Day".  Be sure to like and subscribe! For more information use the links below: Links: Official Website Twitter Facebook Digital Status (Management Website)
Check out this amazing resound work by McKean Media! It's the Halo Reach video game trailer set to Blue Swede's famous hit song, "Hooked On A Feeling" and all of the sound effects you hear were added to synchronize everything perfectly.  Click the links below: Links: Official Website YouTube
Jeff Lane is the creator of the worlds greatest 80's experience, "The Molly Ringwalds". In this episode, Jeff sits down with Cheese to discuss hair, music and Cheese's love for Justin Bieber. Links below. Links: Facebook YouTube
"Act Like It" is a motivational banger that inspires you into action when it comes to your dreams and goals. Benjamin Graham, better known as "Bigmouthben" shares his amazing story as he overcame drug addiction and went from sleeping under a bridge all the way to owning a convenience store and becoming an entertainer! Follow the links below:   Links: Official Website Motivation Forward Facebook Twitter
Powercyan takes EDM to a whole new level, with this amazing music video called "Novus Ordo Seclorum".  Be sure to follow using the links below! Links: Official Website Facebook Twitter Instagram Soundcloud
A hilarious take on the worst movie trailer out now. Links below! Links: YouTube.com/Donklue
A powerful message that promotes change within ourselves. It is based on Michael Jackson's "Man In The Mirror" and covers issues such as police brutality and what we need to do in our community to power us to stand up and make a change. Links are below! Links: Twitter Instagram Soundcloud YouTube
Instrumental music in the hip hop genre used in rap songs are more casually referred to as "beats". In Music Theory, the term "beat" denotes a basic unit of time which serves a big part in denoting the rhythmn of a song, such as the drumbeat. However in rap music, it is one of the many simple terms of endearment used to...
Come check out the vast array of services provided by this astrologer. Links: Website
Here's a funny new artist by the name of Ireon taking the word "censorship" too literal in his song "Censored Myself"! Links: Instagram YouTube
Here is a YouTube video from Crystal McDonald where she gives her viewers a simple foundation tutorial. Definitely subscribe and stay tuned for more great videos. Links: YouTube Instagram
Here is the official music video from Gudda Mane Streetz called "Peyton Manning".  This joint is pure fire. Directed & Edited by Christopher Jones JR (Gudda Mane Streetz).  Links are below. Links: Download Gudda Mane Streetz #TrapTape2 YouTube Twitter
Check out this YouTube channel called "Cars and Classics Las Vegas". They have a true passion for automobiles and in this episode, it's all about RaceWars Las Vegas! Be sure to like and subscribe. Links: Official Facebook YouTube Instagram Twitter
Check out “Don't Let Me Know” by The Band J4!.  This is straight off their upcoming EP "New Revival" which drops on April 1st. Be sure to subscribe and click the links below! Links: http://www.thebandj4.com http://www.facebook.com/thebandj4 http://www.instagram.com/thebandj4 http://twitter.com/thebandj4
Check out this blend of Jamaican Reggae Fusion by 2 brothers bringing a new dynamic sound to the world of music. Links are below, be sure to follow and subscribe. Links: Official Website http://Twitter.com/UshakaMusic http://Twitter.com/AdiDaggaMuisic http://soundcloud.com/Ushaka-Music http://soundcloud.com/AdiDagga-Music http://www.instagram.com/UshakaMusic/ http://www.instagram.com/AdiDaggaMusic/
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The Principles to Follow for a Productive Recording
Bigshot Nation presents: "Royals Uncut" Episode 3 (Lyric Influences). It's a Reality Show that takes place at a barbershop and they cover hot topics & current events.  Follow using the links below and subscribe to catch more episodes on their YouTube channel. Links: Twitter Facebook YouTube
Check out this dope video by producer ToeJam! Be sure to follow him and subscribe using the links below. Links: Facebook  Soundcloud YouTube Twitter Bandcamp
"Everything Alien" is Alpar Fendo’s extra-terrestrial puppet comedy for both the young and old and it is currently being performed in Germany. It was founded by Alpar Fendo, a ventriloquist, magician and stand up comedian. The show combines all three of Fendo’s skills into one very unique extraterrestrial show. Here’s the show’s story line: After earth can be found in many of the...
Check out Cooper's Color To Canvas in the Philadelphia area! They are a "BYOB canvas paint studio where everyone creates a masterpiece". This place is perfect for private parties, corporate events, singles, families and even fund raising!  Be sure to follow and check out the links below: Links: Official website Facebook Instagram Twitter
"May the odds be forever in your favor, may the Gods smile upon you, smile Olympus". Smile Olympus offers a unique way to keep your teeth white, without using potentially harmful micro-beads and flouride. Learn more at www.smileolympus.com
This is the music video for that hot joint "Hula Hoop" by Karizma.  Be sure to support and check out the links below! Links: Facebook Twitter Instagram
Check out the music video for "That's How I Came Up" by ParkaBoi Featuring Aroc. Definitely check out the links below and be sure to subscribe! Links: Picbi Facebook Twitter  
Check it out, Nico Rooney and JadataMusic from Code Ninety drop a little freestyle called "Come Over" (produced by Cla$$ical).  Be sure to check out the links below! Links: Official Website Twitter @NicoRooney Twitter @JadataMusic
Check out this beat made by producer Bias!  This one is called "07:42 In the Morning". If you need beats, his email is "biasproducer@gmail.com" and make sure you follow and subscribe below! Links: Twitter Instagram YouTube
Check out Am-Bess as she performs this unique version of "Hello" by Adele. Make sure you follow & subscribe using the links below! Links: Facebook Twitter Instagram
Checkout the official music video for the song "Renovation", the first single from the album "Renovation" by Ezert.  Be sure to follow and subscribe using the links below! Links: Official Website Facebook Twitter
If you are into all things hip hop music, then this is the TV show for you.  The first episode of "The Rap Game" aired on January 1st, 2016 on the Lifetime Channel. In this show, Jermaine Dupri gets to choose 5 child rappers to compete with each other and the winner gets a contract with So So Def Recordings.   Written exclusively for RobLunaMusic.com
Check out this choreography by "JLynn Productions".  This performance is set to "Undone" by Haley Reinhart.   Be sure to follow & subscribe using the links below! Links: Facebook YouTube Twitter
Check out NukeBoy's latest mixtape called "Welcome To NukeTown Vol 1".  It features collabs with Cambatta, Boont Dollaz and production by various producers. Show support and follow using the links below! Links: Facebook Twitter
There is no stopping Viktor Rasiia.  This is the official music video for his joint "Revival",  directed by Errand Boy.  Also, if you haven't got it already, go cop his latest mixtape "Lightning Flashes, Thunder Crashes" straight off his website, links below.   Links: Available at: iTunes | Google Play | Amazon Mp3 Official Website Twitter Facebook
David Bowie was a british singer and songwriter who has been making music over 50 years. He released 26 albums and was known for songs like "Space Oddity", "The Man Who Sold The World", "Heroes", "Let's Dance", "Modern Love" and many more hits. Bowie died from liver cancer on January 10th, 2016.
LMFAO! This has to be the craziest video I've seen in a while. Sick track too! A bootylicious, wild journey over a bass-pounding Intergalactrix beat! Single-handedly directed and animated by Anton Servetnik.  Go check out the links below! Links: Get It on iTunes YouTube Channel
Check out this video, it is a beautiful song written by Mindy Mickevich, called "King Benjamin". It is about a woman falling in love with a great man that wants peace, love, hope and faith.
A nice remix from Dutch DJ Reyer, well known for his top EDM mixes across the world. Reyer is a truly talented producer and DJ!
Psyco Sid is back and once again he delivers pure heat!  This new joint is called "AM.I" and it features a collaboration with V12 and was produced by Sound Clique.  Definitely do follow using the links below! Links: Official Website Facebook Twitter Instagram
Salt Lake City Ever since 2000, Salt Lake City in Utah has had a thriving rock music scene and has brought us bands like "Neon Trees" and "Imagine Dragons". Miami If you are into electronic music, look no further than Miami, Florida. It is also a hub for DJ's, rappers, singers, producers and much more.  This is mainly due to the large club...
Chicago Hip Hop is known for 3 main styles, Chopper (which is about fast flows), Chipmunk Soul and Drill music (southside Chicago thuggish style). Many famous established artists have come from here, such as R. Kelly, Da Brat, Kanye West, Twista and Lupe Fiasco. Recently, the list is expanding thanks to Chance The Rapper, King Louie, Vic Mensa, Lil Bibby, Lil...
Introducing the Instrumental Hub! A brand new website for singers, rappers, producers and content creators alike to find instrumental music for their projects. The site carries different styles and genres perfect for songwriters, YouTubers, video editors, TV commercials, movies and much more! All purchases are delivered automatically via email. Check it out today, go visit InstrumentalHub.com
Kenneth Brian Edmonds, better known as Babyface, is an iconic singer-songwriter, and record producer from Indianapolis, Indiana. Babyface has had over 26 number 1 hits throughout his career, 10 solo albums, 5 group albums and has won 11 Grammy Awards. Many of his hits were written for artists like Michael Jackson, Eric Clapton, Boyz II Men, Beyonce, Lil Wayne and hundreds...
This is an anti smoking song aimed at preventing children from starting to smoke. Nothing to do with adults. Just teenagers, (kids telling kids) telling kids 'Don't smoke because if you do 'You Don't Look Cool'.
Another hot joint from Florida rapper Trill! This one is called "Low" featuring Berger Boy and it's straight off "Trill Talk". Show some support, check out the links and follow! Links: Soundcloud Twitter
Check out this dope banger from Trill called "Never Be The Same". It is track 4 off the "Trill Talk" EP and be sure to check out the links and follow! Links: Soundcloud Twitter
This video covers the unfairness of Sony's Playstation 4 platform and how it lacks true backwards compatibility with previous PS3 and PS2 hard copy games.  Check out Retrobro's official website and be sure to subscribe to his channel below. Links: Official Website YouTube Channel
This Rant video is about the recent news of Kojima being blocked by Konami from going to the gaming awards to receive the rewards for Metal Gear Solid 5. Also a talk questioning Konami as well as a few other companies ethics. Links: Official Website YouTube Channel
Path To Ethics gave us this sneak peek to their song "Dishonestly", straight off their new upcoming album, "To See The Light". The album is expected to drop sometime in 2016, so be sure to click the links below and follow! #‎PickYourCause Links: Official Facebook Soundcloud
As an upcoming broke musician, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. These days many musicians are almost always on a tight budget, so because of this, they find themselves looking for "freebies". Some might jack beats from sites such as Soundcloud,  Soundclick or YouTube by utilizing 3rd party websites or manually downloading and altering the audio protection. Others may download cracked audio software such as Pro Tools or...
Check out Psyco Sid coming straight out of  3rd ward, aka The Tre in Houston, Texas.  This is an artist that you definitely don't want to sleep on. Show some love, be sure to follow using the links below! Links: Official Website Facebook Twitter Instagram
To get signed with a record label, all you basically need is great music, good presentation and persistence.

Check out Lauren Tyler from ATL on her latest joint called "Psyche Vibes".  This record definitely captivates you with her tight lyrics and rapid flow on a dope beat. Be sure to check out the links below and follow! Links: @MoneyDreamEnt @LaurentylerFlow
Here's a cool virtual mixer game where you can select from different pre-made tracks, beats and loops to create your very own mix! This is more of a game to kill some time than an actual mixer for serious producers and DJ's but it's a pretty cool game nonetheless and fun to play around with. It's called "DJ Sheepwolf Mixer 5"...
This time we we catch up with East Coast hip hop producer, "The Gentleman".   He is a beatmaker, recording engineer and he is affiliated with "It's A Wrap! Music". This producer really puts in hard work into his beats and you can hear the quality right away as it has a clean, well produced consistent sound. He's big into making east coast genre type beats and...
Check out this important message for anti-smoking.
Viktor Rasiia is a monster, if you haven't heard his work yet then you're sleeping on him. Check out his latest mixtape called "Lightning Flashes, Thunder Crashes". Be sure to follow using the links below: Links: Official Website Twitter Facebook  
Hip Hop is a genre filled with talent from every part of the world. Here are the 8 greatest white rappers of 2015 and some have really helped in contributing to a genre that is still holding strong. Eminem Marshall Bruce "Eminem" Mathers III, is a rapper and hip hop icon from Detroit, Michigan who was discovered by Dr Dre and he is part...
Juelz Santana Laron Louis James, better know as "Juelz Santana", is half-Dominican (from his father's side). He is a rapper from Harlem, New York, that rose to fame back in the early 2000's and was part of a group called "The Diplomats". So far in his career, he has released about 9 mixtapes and 4 solo studio albums. As of recently, he appeared on the TV show...
Undoubtedly the most famous song in the world, "Happy Birthday to You", goes way back to the 1800's. It started with 2 sisters who used to sing "Good Morning to All" in a kindergarten class. Warner/Chappell Music bought the rights to the song, in which they were able to collect millions each year in royalties. They were able to claim copyright for...
The music industry is filled with outdated and often confusing terms when it comes to getting paid.  Sync is short for "Synchronization" which in music licensing, it basically means combining music with video. OK, so when you create a song or an instrumental beat, copyright protection is automatic.  In other words, you created it so you own it 100%.  Of course the...
No party is complete without some spirits to bring a little cheer. Chances are, if you like your rap, you like your booze. The Wall Street Journal actually did a study, and 38% – that's over one third – of charting rap songs mention some sort of liquor at some point. Which ones get play? The favorite picks for getting slizzard are below.

Viktor Rasiia brings you "36 Chamberz", a hot new joint featuring Gov Mag and produced by Cartier Jones.  Follow below. Links: Official Website Twitter Facebook
American Top 40 is a song countdown program that has been around since 1970. It is currently hosted by Ryan Seacrest but before that, it was hosted by legends like Casey Kasem and also Shadoe Stevens. The show airs on weekends over hundreds of radio stations and lasts about 3 hours. They get their song rank data from Mediabase.             Written exclusively for RobLunaMusic.com
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New joint called "The Man" by StevenG Featuring Ridik. Be sure to follow using the links below: Links: Facebook Twitter Instagram
Check out the sounds of Geoffrey Dean, better known as Baraka, an electronic music producer from Washington, DC.  Click the links below and be sure to follow! Links: Facebook Instagram YouTube Twitter
Straight Outta Compton was finally released on August 14, 2015.  Overall, it is a great movie and highly recommended, but it is almost hard to understand how some important things were left out. **SPOILER ALERT** Dee Barnes Being Attacked by Dr Dre Anyone that knows about 90's Hip Hop will remember when when Dr Dre brutally attacked Fox TV host Dee Barnes. The movie...
Becoming a successful mainstream musician is even harder today. The underground music business is tough and there are hundreds of thousands of artists all trying to stand out. But most of these underground artists have no clue on how to make their dreams come true. The honest truth is that at least 99% of them will never make it, and that's because...
This is one of the hottest producers in the east coast, The Gentleman. Check out his work and be sure to follow using the links below! Links: Official Website Facebook Instagram Twitter
Viktor Rasiia is back with his latest single "Mary" (beat produced by Rob Luna). Follow using the links below. Links: Official Website Twitter Facebook
Straight from Nashville, Worldwide Groove Corporation drops one of their latest hits called "Human", an epic chill song with a very cinematic feel.  Make sure to follow! Links: Official Website Facebook Twitter Soundcloud
Ez Flow's 3rd single track "Kilo" for the upcoming mixtape "The Comeback" This is the last single that will be posted on soundcloud till the mixtape release! Links: Official Website Twitter YouTube
Listen to the sounds of Just Jay Productions, straight from the boogie down Bronx, NY.  Be sure to follow him, check out the links below. Links: Website Facebook Twitter YouTube N1M
Check out Wafeek, an artist out of Los Angeles, California and his new take on the "Game Of Thrones" theme song. Be sure to like, repost and follow below! Links: Instagram Facebook Twitter YouTube
Not every successful musician can also make it big on both TV shows and Movies. Being a musician generally means that you're a very creative and emotionally in tune person, but that may not be enough if you don't have the acting skills or personality to go with it. In the beginning, this was first achieved by legends like Elvis and Frank Sinatra....
Check out our sponsor Beauty Essentials. This video covers eyelash extensions, the "Fysiko Eyelash Growth Serum" and "Younique Moonstruck 3D Mascara".  Purchase these great products today and be sure to check out the links below: Links: Facebook Buy Fysiko Eyelash Growth Serum Buy Younique Moonstruck 3D Mascara
Viktor Drops a POWER track called "Revival" (Prod By Tone Jonez). It is from his upcoming mixtape release "Lightning Flashes, Thunder Crashes". Follow using the links below. Links: Official Website Twitter Facebook Instagram
Check out this video from Mone, an R&B singer from Atlanta, Georgia who has been fighting cancer. This video illustrates the start of her journey. Follow using the links below! Links: Official Website Instagram Twitter Facebook
The IPI is a 9-digit identification identification number that is assigned to songwriters (and publishers) to keep track of rights. IPI literally means "Interested Parties Information" and in 2001, it replaced the older standard called "CAE" (from Switzerland and it meant Compositeur, Auteur and Editeur). How To Get an IPI Number The assignment of the IPI number is done by the PRO (such as...
If you are committed to learning the guitar, it is very important that you consider taking lessons. Of course, learning on your own through tabs and repetition is one way to do it by playing some of your favorite songs.  But learning from a real expert is one of the best ways that you can understand things like music theory, reading music and finding...
Billboard is a music magazine based out of New York City and has been around since 1894 but it became about music around the 1960s. They are very well known and respected in the music industry for maintaining weekly record charts, like the "Hot 100" and "Billboard 200". Billboard exists primarily for record label professionals, radio station DJs, artists and also...
Music quotes have been passed down from generation to generation. They inspire everyone from the music lover to the music maker. Some of these quotes have withstood the test of time. There are many music quotes out there, but we went ahead and put together a list of some of the best ones for you to know about: "A painter paints pictures on...