5 Tips To Beat Writers Block

Thinking ManWe all have those days, even weeks or months where nothing comes to mind.

You know. Those days where there are no more creative juices flowing, and it happens to everyone.

But fortunately, there are things you can do to help overcome this.

1. Take A Break

You’re probably trying too hard and not giving yourself enough breaks. Leave your studio or place where you normally write or produce. Try to go out for a walk or take a half day trip somewhere.

Walk around, maybe take a train ride somewhere or sit at a park bench. Have a conversation with people. Pretty much anything that can get your mind off of your work.

2. Be Ready

No matter where you are, always be ready for when ideas strike. Have a notepad or your smartphone ready to take notes or record at all time. This sounds basic, but you never know when inspiration can hit.

3. It’s OK To Not Finish Something

You don’t have to always finish something you start. So you should always save anything that you started, regardless how small. By keeping a catalog of unfinished ideas, this can help you out a lot when you get stuck.

4.  Start Small

Try starting with just a good title. From there you should be able to get some inspiration as to what it will unfold to.

5. Be Nice To Yourself

Don’t over-criticize yourself during the creative process. Try to find relaxing ways to put your ideas together, go easy on yourself and block out any negative people. Also, at night, try to always sleep at least 8 hours and get into the habit of drinking plenty of water. Simple things always work.

Written exclusively for RobLunaMusic.com