6 Annual Music Events You Don’t Want To Miss

Lollapalooza (Chicago)

lollaThis is a famous annual music festival that heavily features rock, hip hop, and EDM!  It is usually held over 3 days and averages over 150,000 attendees.

But this is not just a place to see bands or visual artists, it also has tons of dance performances and stand up comics.  These events are held mainly in Chicago but also worldwide in places such as Chile, Brazil, Argentina and Germany.

Website: http://www.lollapalooza.com/




Austin City Limits (Texas)

austinThis event is held over 2 weekends, each one being 3 days and overall attendances averages about 500,000.

It started in 2002 and it features a wide array of genres, including rock, country, indie, pop, folk, edm/dance and hip hop.

Website: http://www.aclfestival.com/



Burning Man (Nevada)

burningProbably one of the craziest music events as this is held in the “Black Rock Desert” in Nevada.

At this festival you will see the strangest mutated vehicles, sculptures, artwork and creations.

This event is attended annually by about 75,000 people.

The burning man is actually made out of wicker and stands between 40 to 100 feet.


Website: http://burningman.org/



coachella111The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival (better known as just Coachella), is a music & arts festival held every year in the desert, at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California.

The whole thing started in 1999 and it features music from genres like hip hop, rock, electronic and dance. It also features art work, sculptures, etc.

It is an event that is typically divided two 3-day weekends and it features music from over 200 mainstream and independent artists.

Ticket prices range between $375 and $7000 depending on accommodations.

It is arguably one of America’s largest music festivals, coming in with around 200,000 in attendance.

Website: http://www.coachella.com/

Electric Daisy Carnival (USA)

edcThe Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) is by far one of the most colorful music festivals in the United States.

This is also, hands down one of the largest electronic dance music festivals in the world.

It is held in Las Vegas primarily but also there are spinoffs in New York City, Chicago, Orlando and many other cities.

The most recent events have had over 400,000 attendees.

Website: http://www.electricdaisycarnival.com/



South By Southwest (Texas)

Last but not least, South By Southwest (SXSW is comprised of films, interactive media, video games, conferences and of course a huge music festival.

These events usually take place every March, they attract a crowd of over 50,000 and usually have the most musical acts of any other venue.

Website: http://www.sxsw.com/


Written exclusively for RobLunaMusic.com