9 Famous Rappers Who Were Shot & Killed

9 Famous Rappers Who Were Shot & Killed

Scott La Rock

August 27, 1987 – In New York City he was shot in the head after trying to help D-Nice (who was assaulted for talking to another man’s girlfriend).

Tupac Shakur

September 13, 1996 – At night, in Las Vegas Nevada, a Cadillac Escalade pulled up, fired multiple rounds and got shot 4 times.

The Notorious BIG

March 9, 1997 – In Los Angeles California, a Chevy Impala SS rolled up on him, fired a 9mm pistol and was shot 4 times.

Fat Pat

February 3, 1998 – He was shot in Houston Texas while leaving his promoter’s apartment (who was not home at the time).

Big L

February 15, 1999 – Shot 9 times in the face supposedly by one of his friends, while walking in Harlem New York.

Jam Master Jay

October 30, 2002 – Possibly one of the most shocking deaths of all, he was shot while he was at a recording studio, in Jamaica Queens, New York.

Soulja Slim

November 26, 2003 – Day before Thanksgiving he was shot 4 times (chest & face) in front of his parents house in Gentilly, New Orleans.

Mac Dre

November 1, 2004 – In Kansas City Missouri, a black Infinity G35 pulled up and he was shot in the back of the neck by an AK-47 round.

Chinx Drugz

May 17, 2015 – He was found shot in a car in Briarwood Queens and later died in the hospital.


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