Alcohol in Rap Music

Alcohol in Rap Music

Booze in Hip HopNo party is complete without some spirits to bring a little cheer. Chances are, if you like your rap, you like your booze. The Wall Street Journal actually did a study, and 38% – that’s over one third – of charting rap songs mention some sort of liquor at some point. Which ones get play? The favorite picks for getting slizzard are below.




Tupac wrote an entire song dedicated to this smooth cognac. Other emcees from Nas to Eminem to Drake to Snoop Dogg have name checked Hennessy in songs.

Sip your Hennessy straight or on the rocks. Or, mix it up in a K.C. Tea with some Sprite, lemon and a wedge of lime.


Even people who don’t normally drink tequila can get down with a little Patron. Patron’s coffee tequila is a good way to get acquainted with the drink (or reacquainted if to-kill-ya has burned you in the past). When you’re ready to move up, have a Jimmy Neutron. Ghostface Killah gives this blend of Patron, Sprite and Nuvo props in his song 2Getha Baby. Feeling wilder? Chase your Black on Black Crime (Jaeger and Guiness Stout) with a shot of Patron.

Grey Goose

Lots of vodkas get shout outs in hip hop songs, but, Grey Goose is king. This vodka has a smooth flavor, so, you can slip it in just about anywhere. In Monster, Kanye West talks about mixing Grey Goose with Malibu coconut rum. Nas pairs his with “a whole lotta hydro.”

Jack Daniels

Whiskeys generally get more love in country and rock than in hop hop, but, emcees make an exception for Jack. This whiskey shows up everywhere from Chance the Rapper’s Favorite Song to Ke$ha’s questionable morning hygiene practices as memorialized in Tik Tok. Ludacris, by contrast, takes it easy, sipping this distinctive whiskey while the ladies around him get hammered “so [he] can wake up in the morning with a story to tell.”


There is no beverage that gets more mentions than the bubbly. It makes sense, since champagne is one of our culture’s most common symbols of affluence and indulgence Some songs talk just about champagne in general. Others name check specific brands like Dom Perignon or Cristal. The drink even managed to get itself a bona fide hip hop feud when Jay Z called for a boycott of Cristal.


It’d be irresponsible to omit this combination of vodka and codeine cough syrup, traditionally consumed in styrofoam cups, from the list. But, it’d be more irresponsible – like, getting people dead – to give it a recommendation. Sizzurp was popularized by DJ Screw, but it’s also important to remember that it caused his death in 2000 and his protege Big Moe’s death in 2007. When it comes to drank, just don’t. There are plenty better things to imbibe to get your hip hop drinkin’ on.

Other mentions

Ciroc Vodka has been on the rise ever since 2007, when rap mogul Diddy became an ambassador for the brand.  Diddy often jokingly refers to himself  as “Cîroc Obama”.   Thanks in part to Diddy, the brand has been heavily mentioned in rap songs and can be seen in dozens of music videos to date.  Another liquor worthy of a mention is Jameson Whisky. Pittsburgh rapper Mac Miller mentions it in his song “S.D.S.” and has also gained fame in Rihanna’s “Cheers (Drink to That)” . 


Written exclusively for Rob Luna Music