American Hip Hop Genres

In America, Hip Hop songs & beats have many different genres today and can be subdivided into various subgenres, fusions with other genres, and regional hip hop scenes.  Below is how they all sort of break down:

Eastern  USA

  • East Coast hip hop
  • Baltimore club – from Baltimore, Maryland
  • Brick City club – from Newark, New Jersey
  • Hardcore hip hop
  • New Jersey hip hop

Midwest  USA

  • Midwest hip hop
  • Chicago hip hop
  • Ghetto house – from Chicago, Illinois
  • Detroit hip hop
  • Ghettotech
  • St. Louis hip hop
  • Twin Cities hip hop
  • Horrorcore
  • Chopper

Southern  USA

  • Southern hip hop
  • Dirty South – originally from Southern U.S.
  • Atlanta hip hop
  • Snap music
  • Bounce music – originally from New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Crunk – originally from Memphis, Tennessee
  • Houston hip hop
  • Chopped and screwed
  • Miami bass

Western  USA

  • West Coast hip hop
  • Chicano rap – originally from East Los Angeles, California
  • Gangsta rap
  • G-funk – originally from Los Angeles, California
  • Mobb music & Hyphy – originally from the San Francisco Bay Area in California
  • Jerkin’ – originally from Los Angeles
  • Native American hip hop
  • Northwest hip hop – originally from Oregon or Washington


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