Best Cities For Musicians To Become Successful

Salt Lake City

Ever since 2000, Salt Lake City in Utah has had a thriving rock music scene and has brought us bands like “Neon Trees” and “Imagine Dragons”.


If you are into electronic music, look no further than Miami, Florida.

It is also a hub for DJ’s, rappers, singers, producers and much more.  This is mainly due to the large club scene and special events and huge party atmosphere.


The New York City area is and always has been a mecca for rappers.

Not only that, but also for musicians in R&B, Jazz and Classical.  Let’s not forget live theatre plays like Broadway.


Nashville is the capital of country music and considered a huge music hub.  If you’re into country, this is definitely the city for you.

Los Angeles

If a record contract is what you’re after, then this is the correct city as every major label has a presence here.