Best Hip Hop community websites

Hip Hop is here to stay.  The music, the styles and culture have been around since the 1970’s and spans across all countries and different races.  We put together this list of the best hip hop community websites to help you stay tuned in! (WSHH) started in 2005 and has been a main player in the hip hop community. This site is all about videos and it is famous for having raw and uncensored content ranging from music videos, undiscovered talent, people fighting, animal clips to accidents and all sorts of violence. The site also has an “iCandy” section that features adult content. is primarily a great source for music organized into “Top 100” (similar to Billboard), “Songs”, “Mixtapes”, “Videos” and “Heatseekers”. The site also features “Artists” (profile pages), “News”, “Features” and “Lists” (Top 5/Top 10).  This site launched in 2006. has been around since 1999 and is a fairly clean site that features “News”, “Music”, “Rumors”, “Video”, “Features” and a “Community” section. It is a good site to find your typical hip hop content. (Support Online Hip Hop) is decent site, also from the 90’s. Their content is divided up into “News”, “Exclusives”, “SOHH First”, “Gossip”, “#SOHHPIX” (female photos), “Listen”, “Watch” and “Getfrush” (a sister site devoted to selling products).  One thing to note is that this site has some annoying pop-ups. is fairly new from 2008 and has tons of great content, but unfortunately, it is plagued with pop-ups and heavy advertisement.  Despite this, the site does offer great content such as a “Features” section (which are basically exclusive interviews), a “Videos” section (similar to WSHH), “News”, “Wired Tracks”, “Politics”, a “Bangin Candy” (raunchy female photos) and a “Certified Fresh” section that features various stories. is another site that launched in that 90’s. It has a very clean, music-centered feel to it and it also offers “News”, “Audio”, “Video”, “Album Reviews”, “Features” and a very useful “Release Dates” section for album and mixtape drops.

XXL is a very successful magazine that started in the 90’s and has a solid reputation for spotlighting new rappers each year via their “XXL Freshman Class” series. This site has “News”, “Music”, “Videos” and a “Lifestyle” section that covers things like sneakers, technology and TV/Movies. is the product of rapper 50 cent. This website started in 2006 and it engages fans by allowing them to setup their own pages and interact with other members. It features “Photos”, “Videos”, a “Calendar” for tours and events, a “What’s Hot” section, a Forum, Store (featuring G- Unit products) and even a Jobs section.

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