Full Breach Volume 4 goes BRONZE!

Full Breach Volume 4 goes BRONZE!

Full Breach 4 goes Bronze!

Full Breach 4 goes Bronze!Full Breach Mixtapes does it again, twice in the same week, another mixtape goes Bronze! This time it’s Volume 4, hosted by DJ Ron G, a true legend, he worked with The Notorious BIG and has been on the mixtape scene since the 1980’s. He is definitely the mixtape king and knows how to hype up the listeners!

The tape kicks off with “On Fire”, a dope joint collaboration between Frost Tha Coldest (NYC), Risk Music out of Trigga City and Holly G from CHI-Town. The beat was produced by Rob Luna and put together by Rob Luna & Dolla Beatknocka Griffin.

King Piff out of Jersey came in blazing with two of his hottest joints, “Let Me Make It Clear” and “Murder Gang Freestyle”. This rapper got all the plugs and he is on a permanent grind. Definitely someone to keep an eye out on.

Cypher – A special big shout out goes to Tampa’s Yung Valor (now retired from music) for putting together the “Goin In Cypher: Part 2” which featured 6 rappers – Trump Savage (Tampa), Da’Mon The World’s Worst Rapper (Tampa), Shaun Wynn (Brooklyn), Risk Music (Tampa), Donnie Heard (SC) and So So The MC (Upstate NY).  The first one can be heard on Full Breach Vol 2.

Rowdoggs out of Los Angeles came in strong with “Don’t Care Where You From” put together by members OG Rome featuring J-Woods and Ridthem. This camp is always putting in work 25/8 and on that steady grind.

Huge shout out to all the rest of the artists  from all over the map that put in their hard work: Jae Luis (Tampa), Chellz (Brooklyn), Holly G (Chicago), Keez (Long Island), Carolina Reign & Donnie Heard (South Carolina), David James (Orlando), King Hood (Chicago) and  iMac Superial (NYC).

If you haven’t done so already, be sure to cop Full Breach: Volume 4 (Hosted by DJ Ron G) now!  It’s a FREE sponsored download!


Written exclusively for Rob Luna Music