How to be a Rapper

How to be a Rapper

Rapper T.I.To Rap literally means “to talk”, but more specifically, Rap music comes from a huge mix of influences, city life, culture and it includes many elements of speech like slang, rhyming, word-play, metaphors and also poetry.

Step 1: Listen to Rap

If you are wanting to become a rapper, the first step is to listen to alot of rap music and immerse yourself in the culture.

The Notorious B.I.GTry to mix it up, listen to mainstream rap artists, make sure you listen to rap from the 1990’s, this will be very beneficial as it was a good decade for hip hop. This decade gave us legendary rappers such as Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G. Most importantly, listen to the underground rappers, check out their mixtapes. You will find alot of raw talent out on sites such as DatPiff and LiveMixtapes.

As you listen to rap music, pay close attention to the different genres, such as “Boom Bap” from New York, “East Coast rap”, “West Coast rap”, “Dirty South/Crunk”, “Midwest” and of course Underground.

Step 2: Rap along

Memorize the words to a few rap songs and try to rap along. But do it with confidence and do it loud. Work on your timing and do your best to stay on-beat.

This will help you learn how to keep a rhythm and tempo. Keep doing this every day and don’t give up.

Step 3: Rap a Capella

Trying rapping completely by yourself. Just imagine the beat in your head and practice timing and delivery. Practice by just reading the lyrics.

Step 4: Write lyrics

Write some good lyrics. Make a rap journal and try Write at least 10 verses a day. Don’t worry about what you rapping about, you can even just pick out things that you see around you. Successful rapping takes hours and hours of practice.

Step 5: Record yourself

Once you feel like you got the hang of it, find or buy some instrumental hip hop beats and and try to record yourself rapping. No need to worry about what you are rapping about, just pick out things that you see around you. You can do this cheap, alot of producers have affordable beats that you can use. You can buy a cheap microphone and use free software like Audacity.

Step 6: Post your music online

Start a YouTube channel, get a soundcloud account and also an artist page on facebook. Keep posting your music on there and listen to the feedback and get better.

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