How To Become A Successful Musician

Some of the most frequently asked questions ever are: “How do I make it in the music business?” or “How can I get discovered?” and even “How can I be a successful musician?”.

Let’s get one thing out of the way real quick.  As much as people can argue over of what true success in music really is, deep deep down we all know that the real meaning is to have at least 1 big hit song on the radio or that went viral, etc.  Success of course also means to be famous as a musician in the industry some sort of way.

To some, success means to get discovered by an A&R and/or to get signed with a record company.


So Let’s Begin

Well, to answer all of this, let’s start with a very logical approach.

First off, you as a musician need to have your own sound but you should focus hard on making music that can be played on the radio or can be considered “mainstream” or even “Pop”.  After all, the money comes from people streaming, & buying your records.

Is it possible to be successful without aiming towards making mainstream music?  Yes, but it would only make things much more harder.

Image Is Everything

Your image is just as important as having a good sound.  By image, this means getting yourself setup with a stylized artist name, profile picture or logo and having a solid social media presence.

Get an artist page on Facebook and use the same name on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube and any other platform you use.

Get 2 good bio’s written up about you, a short one with 1 or 2 sentences and a long version with like 400 or more words.

Make sure your bio contains good web search keywords… for example “joe is a singer from chicago” or “susan is a rapper straight outta brooklyn“.    Stuff like this can help you get discovered when talent scounts are searching.

The idea here is to make sure you use the same bio, profile pic or logo on all of your accounts so you can be easily identified.  This is all a good start towards having a good image.

You Must Have A Website

A serious musician will always have a website where all of their content is kept in one place.

The content should be broken down into 5 simple menu items, something like this:

“Bio” / “Discography” /  “Videos” / “Blog” / “Press”.

Make sure your website is responsive, meaning, it resizes and looks good on computers, laptops, iPads and smartphones.

Easiest and best way to get you a good website is to use WordPress with a good responsive theme, which in fact, there are many famous artists that use Wordpress.

A note of caution: Stay away from hacked or cracked wordpress themes as they almost always have malware.

Get Exposure

Aside from having a good image, social media presence and website, you should definitely take full advantage of YouTube.

It is free and you can upload videos of your music for the world to see.

Artists like “Justin Bieber”, “The Weeknd”, “Carly Rae Jepsen”, “Psy”, “5 Seconds of Summer” & many more all got discovered doing just that.

Other sites worth mentioning are Soundcloud, DatPiff, Mixtape Hub and Spinrilla.  (check out this special deal for Mixtape Hub & Spinrilla)

Another way to get some exposure is to get articles written about you and your music and get it all featured on music blogs (such as this one).

Last but definitely not least, you should be performing at venues as often as possible and make sure you get good footage of your performaces to put up on YouTube, etc.

Use Good Beats

Find instrumental beats that you can buy or lease online, especially from an established music producer, because this can help you get noticed easier.

A lot of artists take beats they get online over to their favorite recording studio so the can sing or rap over it and make a song.

Plus, there are tons of websites out there where you can find inexpensive beats such as the Instrumental Hub or you can just google search for “instrumental beats“.

Use Good Cover Art

Using good cover art that catches the eye is an obvious choice for anyone out there publishing music.

This applies to singles, albums, EP’s and even mixtapes.

For this, it basically comes down to about 2 choices.  You can hire a graphics artist or simply buy pre-made cover art.

Find a Good Manager

Management is a must if you are wanting to focus more on just creating your music.

A good manager will represent you well and have lots of industry connections and good ideas for you.

Put Aside Distractions and Stress

Focus on your music and try not to get distracted to the point where you are going off track.

This might sound crazy, but it has been proven that a lot of artists use marijuana to help them with the creative process.


Have Patience & Don’t Take No For An Answer

Success does not come overnight.

Good things do take time.  For some artists, such as 2 Chainz (aka Titi Boy), he waited about 15 years to finally be successful with a hit song.

When The Beatles first started, a recording company told them flat out “No” and even heard feedback like “we don’t like your sound” and “guitar music is not here to stay, it’s on the way out“.


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