How to get a Record Deal

To get signed with a record label, all you basically need is great music, good presentation and persistence.

Below are some simple things that should help you get this done efficiently.

Your Online Appearance

Get Your Own Website

First and foremost, you need your own website with a .com domain. One of the easiest ways to get this done is to hire a web designer to help you setup WordPress.  Choose one of the wordpress themes made for musicians and some useful plugins, then get some custom graphics made like a logo or banner.

Try not to have too many pages or menu options on your website, use a few simple pages like  “Bio”, “Music”, “Videos”, “Contact” if you can.

Write a Good Bio

Second, you will need a good biography written up about you, who you are as an artist, etc. A good 400 to 600 word bio should be plenty.


Get a photoshoot done of you as an artist and try to get at least 12 good high quality pictures.

Social Media presence

Make sure you have a consistent social media presence. Make sure that you use the same name for every profile that you have online.

Consistency is key, for example, if you setup a Facebook artist page using ““, then make sure all of your other accounts are the same.  This means ““, “” and so on.

Try to use the same logo or picture consistently too. You are also going to want to paste your bio into every profile and put back links to your website.

Check the Quality of Your Music

Labels are always looking for a hit song. It doesn’t have to be an immediate mainstream hit but as long as its catchy.

Once you select which songs you want to present to the record labels, make sure the instrumental beat and your vocals are professionally mixed and mastered together. This is very important, because quality is key.

You are going to want to use MP3’s that have ID3 tags with album/song cover, clearly labeled and that are 320 kbps.

Contact the A&R Reps

Learn about “The Big Three” but also about the smaller labels.  Make a list of which labels you would love to be a part of that fit your style of music.  Visit their websites and get the names of the A&R’s that work there. Once you find out who the right A&R’s are, collect their email addresses.

Write a short email with a good subject line and make it clear that it’s intended as a submission for their label. You could use “Demo Submission – AmazingArtistName” as an example subject line.

Don’t email your music attached to emails, instead use links to your Dropbox or Soundcloud and be sure to include your website.  You might also look into getting an “EPK – Electronic Press Kit”, but it’s not a must.


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