Musicians: Beware If You Download Hacked WordPress Themes

Musicians: Beware If You Download Hacked WordPress Themes

As an upcoming broke musician, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

These days many musicians are almost always on a tight budget, so because of this, they find themselves looking for “freebies”.

Some might jack beats from sites such as Soundcloud,  Soundclick or YouTube by utilizing 3rd party websites or manually downloading and altering the audio protection.

Others may download cracked audio software such as Pro Tools or FL Studio or VST plugins so that they too can get a chance at making music at home.

Nulled Wordpress Themes Are Dangerous

WordPress themes are no different, and since there are many websites that offer free downloads of paid themes, it’s very common now adays.

But a lot of people don’t realize that these “nulled” themes are loaded with malicious code.

Don’t trust them because they are free for a reason, they add their own code that does stuff like:

  • Adds Back links from your site to wherever they want
  • Give backdoor access to your site
  • If you sell your music online, they can steal customer credit card or paypal info
  • Redirect your site to other spam sites
  • Add popups
  • Drop in their advertisements and banners.
  • Take your website down whenever they want

Here are some ways to protect yourself

By all means, buy the damn template, don’t steal it.  But if you have no choice, proceed with the following advice.

Virus Total

Don’t open the theme zip file yet, go to upload it and check it for viruses.


Useful Plugins

Install these 2 plugins and run checks:

Theme Authenticity Checker (TAC)

This is a free add-on through the WordPress plugin installer.


Exploit Scanner

Another free add-on through the WordPress plugin installer.  It will show you results, but it won’t remove them for you.  Also, this plugin will show results that are harmless.  So you will need to do your homework and figure out which one is good or bad.



So in conclusion, just know that even when using these “smart” methods, they may always be a step ahead.

There is always something that can be overlooked or that can be triggered by an event later on after you scan.

This is all for awareness purposes and we always recommend that you make things legit and purchase what you use.


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