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Five Clues Your Songs Suck

It's hard to get noticed. There is so much hip hop online that you can get lost in the crowd. We get that. But, what if you are doing everything right when it comes to exposure but you still can't catch a break? It may be time to consider the...

Why You Should Never Buy Followers In 2020

Once you have a Twitter account up and running to promote your music, you gotta get some fans to follow you. It can feel like a hard slog through concrete. You post, you re-tweet, you @ message, but, you seem to only get a few followers a day.

How The Movie Scarface Influenced Hip Hop

The (1983) Scarface movie, starring Al Pacino, is a classic and one of the most powerful and most felt stories when it comes to starting from the bottom with nothing and rising to the top.