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Album Cover Art Downloads

You are about to release your new project. It doesn’t matter whether you are dropping an album, a mixtape, an EP, a mix or compilation or a even a single. It is all the same when it comes to graphic design.  You need something that best...

Mixtape Album Covers

We have mixtape album covers for your next project! Our designers create premade covers and upload them to our store all the time, so you can always have options and choose a fast and affordable solution, anytime! We offer cover art styles that are...

Five WordPress Plug-Ins Every Musician Should Have

For those working on building a following, a website on your own domain is a must. And, WordPress is the easiest way to get it done. WordPress is an incredibly customizable software that is also incredibly easy to install. Most hosts have one-click...


Depressing Facts about Hip Hop

There is a video going around from BuzzFeed, it was put together to bring light to some strange and even sad facts in hip hop.  It's up on YouTube and WorldStar HipHop.  It has a lot of facts that were put together in a presentation style video.