Rock and Roll Started From The Bottom

Rock and Roll Started From The Bottom

Rock music started in the US and UK and has been around for over 6 decades and has both evolved and maintained longevity.

It is a genre that should definitely be respected, as it helped pave the way for so many other genres we have today.

There are hundreds of Rock genres, it is very cluttered, but we narrowed it down to give you an idea just how broad Rock music has become.



Rockabilly gave us “Elvis” (aka The King of Rock), “Johnny Cash”, “Chuck Berry” and “Jerry Lee Lewis”.

British Pop started with artists like “John Lennon”.


Garage Rock stood out with bands like “Question Mark & the Mysterians”.

Surf Rock brings one band to mind as being on top, “The Beach Boys”.

Folk Rock made a refreshing new impact, with bands like “Bob Dylan”, “The Byrds” and “Neil Young”.

Psychedelic Rock took listeners on a trip thanks to “Pink Floyd” and “Jimi Hendrix”.

Progressive Rock great examples are “The Who” and “Deep Purple”.

Arena Rock became huge thanks to bands like “The Beatles”, “The Rolling Stones” and “Queen”.


Soft Rock brought us artists like “Chicago”, “Foreigner” and “Eagles”.

Hard Rock is also known as “Heavy Metal” and some examples are “Queen”, “Aerosmith” and “Jimmy Hendrix”.

Punk Rock worthy mentions are “The Ramones”, “The Clash and “Sex Pistols”.

New Wave is another big impact in Rock, giving us “The Police”, “The Pretenders” and “Duran Duran”.

Post-Punk Rock included “U2” and “The Cure”.

Latin Rock brought us artists like “Santana”.


Glam Metal was made famous by “Kiss” and “Alice Cooper”.

Instrumental Rock a good example is definitely “Joe Satriani”.

Alternative Rock examples are “R.E.M.”, “Sonic Youth” and “The Smiths”.

Rap Rock brings to mind bands like “Run DMC” and “Beastie Boys” and helped pave the way for Hip Hop music.


Grunge Rock was HUGE and gave us “Nirvana”, “Pearl Jam” and “Smashing Pumpkins” to name a few.

Britpop is made up of bands like “Oasis”.

Indie Rock gave us “Superchunk” and “Pavement”.

Industrial Rock is best represented by “Nine Inch Nails”.

Pop Punk made a big impact with bands like “Greenday and “Blink 182”.

Post-Grunge Rock some solid examples would be “Foo Fighters”, “Nickelback” and “Creed”.

Nu Metal (also known as Rapcore) brought us “Red Hot Chili Peppers”, “Rage against the Machine”, Limp Bizkit” and “Linkin Park”.


Emo Rock a good example, hands down,  would be “My Chemical Romance”.

Metalcore is one of the latest sub-genres bringing us bands like “Bullet for my Valentine”.

Worthy Mentions

Classic Rock is not really a genre, it is just a radio format to describe most Rock between the 1960s to 1980s.



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