Should your music release be an EP or an Album?

Whether you are a singer, a band or a rapper, there are a handful of ways to release & package your music and it largely depends on how many songs you have ready to release and if you decide to use the common tradition that promotion companies generally do.

Traditionally, for new artists, a “promotional single” is typically released first and the closely followed up with by either an “Studio Album” or an even an “EP”.

So the number of tracks that make up an Album, on average, are about 12.  Anything in the range of 4 to 6 tracks would be an EP.

Here is a simple guide to help you understand the terminology and typical content:


A single is basically 1 high-quality, professionally mixed & mastered song, usually for sale may or may not be released as part of an album.

Promotional Single

Just like regular single except these types of releases are backed by heavy marketing efforts, a music video and almost always are followed up with by either a Studio album or an EP type of release.

Mixtape or Compilation

A Mixtape or Compilation is usually free of charge to the fans and will consist anywhere between 12 to 24 tracks on average.  These are usually available on multitude of websites as a free download and can serve as a way to keep fans engaged in between official releases.

Extended Play (EP)

An EP has traditionally consisted of about four to six “longer timed” singles, but not enough to be considered an Album.

Studio Album

These have historically been about 10 to 12 songs because they had to fit on a CD.  Albums are almost always mixed and mastered professionally and lots of planning put behind it.

Live Album

These are typically recorded during a stage performance at one or more concerts venues.   The sound quality will greatly vary from a Studio Album.

Music Video

A music video is usually like a short film that includes that audio of the single along with the recorded footage (or images) and are usually produced for promotional or general artistic purposes.

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