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Mixtape Cover Art

As of 2018, Hip Hop became the #1 music genre in the world. There is no doubt that this style of music continues to...

Hip hop and R&B surpasses Rock as biggest U.S. music genre!

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Hip hop and R&B surpassed rock for the first time in 2017 as the biggest music genre in the United...

9 Famous Rappers Who Were Shot & Killed

Scott La Rock August 27, 1987 - In New York City he was shot in the head after trying to help D-Nice (who was assaulted...

Legendary Hits: Young MC – Bust A Move

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xy4FXhkm6Nw This joint "Bust A Move" by Young MC is an integral part hip hop which helped kick off the 1990's and definitely a song...

Alcohol in Rap Music

No party is complete without some spirits to bring a little cheer. Chances are, if you like your rap, you like your booze. The Wall Street Journal actually did a study, and 38% – that's over one third – of charting rap songs mention some sort of liquor at some point. Which ones get play? The favorite picks for getting slizzard are below.

YouTube Spotlight: Touchamill Ft. Junior Ahh – Double O

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AXvErq_Uvto] RoroLife Presents "Double O" by Touchamill Featuring Junior Ahh.  The video was directed by "Picture Perfect". Beat produced by "Beatknocka" and "Rob Luna". Links: Touchamill Beatknocka Rob...

Top 15 Cities That Keep Hip Hop Alive

Hip Hop ain't going anywhere, so here goes the list of the top 15 cities that keep hip hop alive.  This is based on information collected from sites such as Google and Soundcloud from 2014 to present.

Best Hip Hop community websites

Hip Hop is here to stay.  The music, the styles and culture have been around since the 1970's and spans across all countries and different races.  We put together this list of the best hip hop community websites to help you stay tuned in!

How to be a Rapper

To Rap literally means "to talk", but more specifically, Rap music comes from a huge mix of influences, city life, culture and it includes many elements of speech like slang, rhyming, word-play, metaphors and also poetry.
Step 1: Listen to Rap

What’s A Rap Battle?

Rap battles are an underground phenomenon that have been around since the 1970s and they are a big part of the hip hop culture.

How To Do Mixtape Promotion

Promotion is very important, you definitely want to get your mixtape out to as many websites out there as possible. It takes a lot of time but well worth it.  If you put in a lot of hard work into your joints, then you definitely want to get some good promo.

Worst Rap Songs Ever Made

In a genre as big as hip hop, you're gonna get some great music. But, even the scene's most talented artists are gonna have an occasional flop.

How The Movie Scarface Influenced Hip Hop

The (1983) Scarface movie, starring Al Pacino, is a classic and one of the most powerful and most felt stories when it comes to starting from the bottom with nothing and rising to the top.

Depressing Facts about Hip Hop

There is a video going around from BuzzFeed, it was put together to bring light to some strange and even sad facts in hip hop.  It's up on YouTube and WorldStar HipHop.  It has a lot of facts that were put together in a presentation style video.

Hip Hop’s Not Dead

It never fails: at every juncture in a music genre's life, there's someone claiming that it's ready for the trash pile. It happened with punk rock as early as the 80s; the funny thing is that, while people were calling punk dead, punk bands were flourishing all over the country in local scenes and a lot of them were selling records on mainstream labels. As late as 2007, punk enthusiasts had to prove again in an award-winning documentary (Punk's Not Dead, of course) that punk rock was alive and well.

American Hip Hop Genres

In America, Hip Hop songs & beats have many different genres today and can be subdivided into various subgenres, fusions with other genres, and regional hip hop scenes.  Below is how they all sort of break down:
Eastern  USA