Top 15 Cities That Keep Hip Hop Alive

Hip Hop ain’t going anywhere, so here goes the list of the top 15 cities that keep hip hop alive.  This is based on information collected from sites such as Google and Soundcloud from 2014 to present.

Houston Texas

1. Houston, TX – a major city known as “H-Town” in the hip hop community.

2. Bronx, NY – The boogie down, a.k.a “BX” and arguably birthplace of hip hop.

3. Los Angeles, CA – Obviously the forefront of the West Coast scene.

4. Chicago, IL – windy city a.k.a Chi-Town or Chi-Raq always stays relevant.

5. Brooklyn, NY – definitely a scared place for hip hop, a.k.a. “Crooklyn” or “BK”.

6. Philadelphia, PA – lots of hip hop in Philly.

7. London, UK – another mecca for hip hop.

8. Dallas, TX – gotta have love for “D-Town”.

9. Baltimore, MD – aka “Bodymore Murderland”.

10. Tampa, FL – gotta show some love for “Trigga City”.

11. Miami, FL – a beautiful city, also known as the “M.I-Yayo”.

12. New York, NY – the big apple, best city on this planet.

13. Orlando, FL – can’t forget “O-Town”.

14. Atlanta, GA – huge part of hip hop, aka “The A” or “ATL” or “Hotlanta”.

15. Oakland, CA – another west coast powerhouse, aka “The Town” or “Oak Town”

Houston definitely deserves props for taking that number 1 spot, but we also have to recognize New York and Florida, each having 3 major cities each making this list!

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