What is a IPI/CAE number?

The IPI is a 9-digit identification identification number that is assigned to songwriters (and publishers) to keep track of rights.

IPI literally means “Interested Parties Information” and in 2001, it replaced the older standard called “CAE” (from Switzerland and it meant Compositeur, Auteur and Editeur).

How To Get an IPI Number

The assignment of the IPI number is done by the PRO (such as ASCAP, BMI and SESAC) whenever an artist signs up for membership.  Artists can only have 1 contract with 1 PRO at any given time.pro-logos-2

When a song is submitted via a publisher (ie, CD Baby, Tunecore, etc), the authors are identified using their IPI number and that is how royalties are tracked.

How to Find an existing IPI number

This can be easily done by searching via any of the main 3 PRO websites:


ASCAP by clicking GO on the “ACE / Repertory” search box at the very top of the ASCAP.com website.

ASCAP Repertory Search
ASCAP Repertory Search


BMI has a “Search BMI Repertoire” when you click inside their search box on BMI.com website.

Search BMI Repertoire
Search BMI Repertoire


By using the “Repertory Search” at the top of the menu on SESAC.com

SESAC Repertory Search


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