What Is A Record Label?

What Is A Record Label?

Def Jam

Def JamA record label is a brand associated with the marketing of music and music videos. A record label is also publishing company that manages brands, trademarks, production, manufacturing, distribution, marketing, promo, and copyright enforcement.

These labels can be small, localized, independent or part of a large group of companies. The largest record labels are known as “The Big Three”, which includes Warner Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment and Universal Music Group.

In the world of Hip Hop, there are several famous labels that are still strong such as Def Jam, Bad Boy, Cash Money, Interscope, Shady & Roc-a-fella/Roc Nation.

The label usually helps recording artists find producers, beat makers, recording studios, collaborations, songs to be recorded, purchase beats and might supervise recording sessions.

Most established record labels will have a structure similar to this:

Record Label Structure


Most record labels will have at least one A&R, which is a person that usually conducts talent scouting and they help develop the artists.  They also maintain contracts with the recording artists and their managers.


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