What is a Sync License?

What is a Sync License?

music_noteThe music industry is filled with outdated and often confusing terms when it comes to getting paid.  Sync is short for “Synchronization” which in music licensing, it basically means combining music with video.

OK, so when you create a song or an instrumental beat, copyright protection is automatic.  In other words, you created it so you own it 100%.  Of course the percentage of ownership will vary depending how many other co-authors were involved.

So whenever you allow someone else or a company to use your music, you are granting them a license.

More specific, a synchronization license aka “sync license” is when you give someone else the permission to synchronize your song or instrumental along with visual images.  So for example a YouTube video, a TV commercial ad, a video game, a movie or even a documentary.

When you issue a sync license to someone, you are basically letting them “rent” your song or instrumental for a particular visual use with whatever limits you applied in writing.  You being the owner of the copyright allows you to use that song elsewhere or even license it out to others at the same time.


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