Which Music Streaming Service Is Best?

[updated 8/2/2016]

When it comes to listening to music on the go, the easiest and most convenient way to do this is by signing up with a music streaming service.

There are about a dozen to choose from and most of them offer free limited versions and trials. We put together a list of the top 6 for you to choose from.

Apple Music

Apple MusicApple Music is growing fast in popularity and it is basically “Beats Music” merged with “iTunes”.  They offer a free 3 month membership and very competitive pricing.  Their service offers well curated playlists and music videos too.  If your vehicle has Apple CarPlay, this is a must have service.

  • Single Membership – runs at $9.99 per month and has unlimited skips.
  • Family Membership – For only $14.99, up to six people can get unlimited access.




Spotify is a huge player in the music streaming game.  They have a huge library and and easy to use interface. They offer several plans for students, regular users and families.spotify Their apps are available in the iPhone App Store, Android Play Market, Playstation Network and many other devices


Spotify works great on Pioneer stereos using the iPhone CarPlay feature.

  • Spotify Free has ads and it allows you to shuffle play artists or playlists and skip 6 songs per hour on mobile.
  • Spotify Premium costs $9.99 and is unlimited, no ads.
  • Spotify Premium for Family is $14.99 and you can have up to 6 people on it.

College students can get Spotify Premium for $4.99 for up to 4 years.


Google Play

Google Play now offers YouTube Red as part of it’s unlimited plan. This pretty much gives you 2 services for the price of one!

  • Free – has ads but lets you upload 50,000 of your own songs!
  • Single – $9.99/month 1-month free trial (covers 10 devices, but can play one at a time)
  • Family Plan – $14.99 for 6 users (covers 60 devices, but can play only six at a time)



On July 14, 2016, Rhapsody changed its name to Napster.  They now have 3 plans:napster_napster_streaming_service_702027_g2

  • unRadio, 14 Days Free and then $4.99/Month.
  • Premier, 30 days Free, then unlimited for $9.99/Month which lets you play music on 3 devices.
  • Family, 5 accounts for $14.99




Pandora Radio

Pandora is very unique from the other companies.  They are based on the “Music Genome Project”, a sophisticatedpandora-banner taxonomy of musical information and they are only available in the United States, Australia and New Zealand.

They do not offer on demand, all music comes from stations you create, that play related songs.

  • Pandora free has Ads and allows 6 skips per hour for up to 24 total skips per day.
  • Pandora One costs $4.99 a month or $54.89 a year and it offers no Ads with fewer timeouts and more skips per day.



TidalTidal is the newest to joint the streaming game.

This company offers 2 plans, $9.99 allows you to get unlimited streaming and for $19.99 you can listen to higher quality FLAC streams and watch music videos.

Tidal also has a family plan, where you can add up to 4 users at 50% off the regular prices.

Other Mentions

iHeartRadio, Soundcloud, Audiomack, Sony Music Limited, Xbox Music Pass, Slacker, Rdio, Myspace and RaRa.


One important thing to keep in mind when using a streaming service, is to make sure you have the right data plan on your phone.  Especially if you plan on using it every day.


Written exclusively for RobLunaMusic.com