Why Musicians Should Tag MP3 Files

The ID3 tag, also known as an “Metadata”, is stored information that gets encoded inside the MP3 track using special software.

After a singer or rapper finishes recording a song, and the session gets mixed and/or mastered, there is a good chance that it will have a blank ID3 tag when it gets bounced.

If an MP3 doesn’t have an ID3 tag and gets uploaded to sites like Soundcloud, Reverbnation, Dropbox (for free downloads) or let’s say it gets emailed to a record label etc, there is a risk your fans or an A&R will see something like this:

MP3 with no ID3 tag
MP3 with no ID3 tag

So, it’s important to tag MP3’s, especially demos.  The ID3 tag has a lot of information that can be stored, like, “artist name”, “song title”, “track #”, “year”, “genre”, “website” and even “lyrics” and even the album/song cover art!

Sure, iTunes can automatically tag music but the problem is that if you share songs that were tagged by iTunes, the information stays on your device and will not transfer over. This is because itunes does not encode the ID3 inside your MP3.

Using Software To Write ID3 Tag for an MP3

So to do this right, you need one of the following software programs:

Of course there are many other tricks to do this, like with using Windows Explorer or even free online services.

You can also pay to get it all done for you, especially if you don’t have the time or know how.  (Check this out!)


Written exclusively for RobLunaMusic.com