Why You Should Give Away Your Music For FREE!

Sad MusicianBecoming a successful mainstream musician is even harder today.

The underground music business is tough and there are hundreds of thousands of artists all trying to stand out.

But most of these underground artists have no clue on how to make their dreams come true.

The honest truth is that at least 99% of them will never make it, and that’s because in the music business it is all about having the right connections.

But not only that, you also need to have the financial support.

So in other words, you need money to make money in the music business, duh.

You need money to afford good management that has connections and that understands today’s evolving music market.

iTunes is dying

The days of buying/dowloading music albums and singles are practically dead. iTunes is dying slowly too.

Everything today is dominated by music streaming companies like Tidal, Apple Music and Spotify.

But it is extremely tough to earn a living on streaming revenues as these sites pay out very small fractions of a penny per play.

You also need to be aware that the trend for listeners these days is to spend their money on good experiences like music concerts or events.

So as an artist, you are way better off giving away all of your music for FREE and gaining loyal fans that will pay go to your concerts and buy merchandise.

Artists like U2 and Run The Jewels have done this and they have benefited tremendously.  Many rappers already do this via mixtapes on sites like DatPiff and The Mixtape Hub.

Free Advice

Be consistent and make the best quality music possible but give it out of FREE on sites like Soundcloud.

Try to raise funds by taking advantage of things like crowd funding, friends and family.

Perform at as many local venues as possible and work hard.

Build a good fan base of followers and never buy fake followers.

Don’t waste time spamming people to buy your single or album.  No one likes to be harassed.

If you’re not willing to think outside of the box and adapt to changing times, you won’t make it.


Written exclusively for RobLunaMusic.com