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Welcome to the Rob Luna Music website, a site where you can buy instrumental beats  for your songs, mixtapes, albums and just about any other projects.   All beats are royalty free, with instant downloads after purchase.  Many different genres available including hiphop, boom bap, dirty south, eastcoast, westcoast, midwest, r&b, dance, club, pop, dubstep and much more!

Questions?  Contact via Email | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud

Questions?  Contact via Email | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud

About The Producer, Rob Luna

Rob Luna is a producer/beatmaker and songwriter from New York City.  He focuses on the production of instrumental beats mainly in the hiphop and r&b genres. Rob also produces instrumentals in the electronic, chillout, dance, pop, dubstep and latin genres.

His spontaneous style influences his creativity, giving his music a refreshing attitude that really feels genuine. Instead of trying to gain as many fans as possible, he has been focusing on developing his own unique style and basically just having fun.  
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Full Breach Mixtapes

The “Full Breach” series features collaborations with many talented rappers, singers and DJ’s from NYC, Los Angeles, Boston, St. Louis, Chicago, Miami, Dallas and all over the world.  These mixtapes contain original hiphop songs producer by Rob Luna as well as other producers.

Full Breach: Volume 1

Full Breach: Vol 1

Full Breach: Volume 2

Full Breach: Vol 2

Full Breach: Volume 3

Full Breach: Vol 3

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Rob Luna has recently worked with…

DJ Noize

DJ Noize


Legendary Kokane

DJ Kurupt

DJ Kurupt

Yardley The DJ

Yardley The DJ/caption]

[caption id="attachment_3407" align="alignleft" width="150"]DJ Bobby Black DJ Bobby Black

DJ Bobby Black

Legendary DJ Ron G