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Path to Ethics – Dishonestly

Path To Ethics gave us this sneak peek to their song "Dishonestly", straight off their new upcoming album, "To See...


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Musicians: Beware If You Download Hacked Themes

As an upcoming broke musician, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. These days many musicians are almost always on a tight budget, so because of this, they find themselves looking for...

How to get a Record Deal

To get signed with a record label, all you basically need is great music, good presentation and persistence.

Snoop & Dr Dre in the studio

Does Marijuana Improve Creativity in The Studio?

Snoop, Dr Dre & The Game The creation of art/music in an altered state of conscious has been around for ages. Marijuana is obviously a huge part of the American culture, but surprisingly, the impact...

8 Greatest White Rappers of 2015

Hip Hop is a genre filled with talent from every part of the world. Here are the 8 greatest white rappers of 2015 and some have really helped in contributing to a genre that is still holding...

4 Rappers You Didnt Know Were Latino

Juelz Santana Laron Louis James, better know as "Juelz Santana", is half-Dominican (from his father's side). He is a rapper from Harlem, New York, that rose to fame back in the early 2000's and was...


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Artist Profile: Elton John

Elton John is a singer-songwriter from the UK. He is also a pianist, record producer and has been around since 1964. Elton has won 6 grammys and created over 40 hits. Some examples of his most popular songs...
action bronson

Artist Profile: Action Bronson

Action Bronson is a rapper from Queens, NY. His real name is Arian Arslani, he used to be a chef and he has been rapping since 2008. He has a sound similar to Ghostface Killa from Wu-Tang and is signed with...