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Best Website Builders For 2020

The following are not listed in any particular order or preference. It is random just to show you what is out there for helping you build your own website. Wix Wix is the fast becoming the most popular in 2020. There are over 100 million sites...

Mark Newman “Empirical Truth”

“Empirical Truth” is a well-crafted album start to finish. Powerful vocals and soulful guitar set the stage for a musical landslide of melody. Lyrically, there is intricate storytelling and political commentary throughout; with songs on topics from...

What's A Rap Battle?

What’s A Rap Battle?

Rap battles are an underground phenomenon that have been around since the 1970s and they are a big part of the hip hop culture.

Does Marijuana Improve Creativity in The Studio In 2020?

The creation of art/music in an altered state of conscious has been around for ages. Marijuana is obviously a huge part of the American culture, but surprisingly, the impact that it has on creativity doesn’t seem to be cut and dry. Creativity...