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Cirex is a multi-talented instrumentalist from Puerto Rico. He is an excellent guitar player (We saw a couple of his videos on YouTube), a bass player (He played with Neuttro) and he is also a music programmer. Eric Ortiz Boglio (Cirex's real name) has been slashing electronic music since 2009, where he has...
This track #QueensTreat is from my upcoming album ''The Kingson From Kingston'' this track is for the lovers of afrobeat / dancehall Be sure to like, click and share! Links: https://soundcloud.com/lawgiver/queens-treat https://www.instagram.com/reallawgiver https://twitter.com/RealLawgiver https://www.facebook.com/reallawgiver
Check out the latest project from NonFiction called "Food 4 Thought: The Entree'". This includes 15 of the hottest joints featuring beats from many different producers. Show some love and check out the links below, be sure to subscribe! Links: https://www.facebook.com/edward.parker.3110 https://soundcloud.com/nonfiction-1/sets/food-4-thought-the-entree